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Office Senior Civil (Admin) Judge Bahawalnagar

Office Senior Civil (Admin) Judge Bahawalnagar (Screening Test)

District & Sessions Judge Layyah
(Screening Test)

District & Sessions Judge Layyah (Eligible Candidate List) Click Here
District & Sessions Judge Layyah (Rejected Candidate List) Click Here

District & Sessions Judge Bahawalnagar

District & Sessions Judge Bahawalnagar (Screening Test For Various Posts)

CTS Test Administration Staff Online Training

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Results DSJ & OSCA Announced

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Results Jalalpur Public School Jalalpur Pirwala

For Results of Jalalpur, Principal & Vice Principal Click Here

District & Sessions Judge Bahawalnagar

For District of Bahawalnagar Only, CTS Test Administration Staff Training is being held on 9th November at GOVT COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL BAHAWALNAGAR at 3:00PM

Jalalpur Public School, Jalalpur Pirwala

DPC/Job Confirmation Examination

Central Testing Services

CTS Team is a pioneer in the industry aims to provide enhanced and effective services to its clients. The company will build a reputation for itself by providing superlative services and maintaining a relationship with the people involved in the business using our experienced teams who are the best in the industry.

Our core team has the experience of conducting over 4500 tests for government and private entities, we have arranged tests for over 7 million candidates nationwide. We partner with emerging companies, educational institutes, and internet enterprises that need nothing but the best. read more...

CTS has full-time employees,and with a pool of 15000 trained, highly qualified technical/human resource at our disposal for test administration and invigilation to meet the growing challenges of testing and assessment in the country. More than 500 institutions are on the CTS panel as test centers. read more...

Why Us?

Our pre-employment screening process sets us apart from other employment agencies, so you can be confident in your direct hire decisions. We have done everything to make sure that our clients get standardized employment and academic testing. We work closely with various institutions, and companies in building and strengthening stronger teamwork in the entire corporate world. Many companies will have to hire our services for the future of their business in the competitive market. read more...

how it works?


    The first step involves a committee of clients, content experts, and other stakeholders who provide a framework or an outline of the purpose of the assessment and who and what should be tested. The framework also specifies the formats of the questions or “items” as they are often referred to as, as well as whether the test will be offered on paper, computer or both. read more...


    Using the framework as a guide to the next step is to devise a blueprint; a detailed specification for every question that will appear on the test, different forms or versions of the test can be built from the same blueprint. The blueprint guides the question writers, most of whom have years of experience teaching the subject being tested. The goal is to write a question that gives solid information about what the test taker knows. read more...


    The question then gets reviewed by other test developers to determine the accuracy of the correct answer and to ensure that none of the distracters could be correct under any plausible interpretation of the question. The reviewers also confirm that the item matches the test blueprint. read more...


    Every test developer is adequately briefed on CTS’s fairness guidelines in addition to which, specialized fairness reviewers scrutinize each question to ensure that it is free from bias. If a person has a particular skill, it needs to be ensured that the test question is testing that particular skill and nothing else. It is not just a matter of not offending anybody. If the test question is unfair it is not really useful for the person who is taking it or the person who is using it to make a certain decision. So it is very important that it is ensured that everyone has the same opportunity to show their true knowledge, skills and abilities. read more...


    The next is the editorial review. The item needs to be as clean and clear as possible. Editorial review looks for clarity, editorial soundness and usage. They also look for various things that are program specific, which means that certain programs have phrases that are specific to that program and that have to be applied. All these aspects are looked into. read more...


    To review how a question performs with actual test takers, the next step is pilot testing, followed by a statistical review. During pilot testing we have test items administered to small groups of individuals to see how the items are performing in terms of their statistical properties, the difficulty and how well it is differentiating between high and low performers. The data thus collected is sent to the test developers so that they can put this into perspective on why the test item is performing the way it is. read more...

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District & Sessions Judge Layyah (Screening Test) (Last Date extended to Saturday 6th January, 2018) Click Here

Lists Of Candidate
CTS Test Administration Staff Online Training Click Here
District & Sessions Judge Layyah (Eligible Candidates List)Click Here
District & Sessions Judge Layyah (Rejected Candidates List)Click Here

Results Of Candidates
Results Jalalpur Public School, Jalalpur Pirwala Click Here
Results DSJ and OSC Bahawalnagar Click Here